Monograms Past and Present

A monogram is simply symbols of a person’s name that are usually created from 2 or more letters. People have been creating monograms ever since the advent of writing. At this time, people of importance had a monogram.

Monograms have changed over the course of time. From being a simple creation they took on the form of sealed rings or ornate stamps that acted as a person’s official word on a topic. These same monograms have also served to represent people who have passed on (i.e. the Chi-Ro monogram represents Christ). More recently, monograms in the form of a person’s initials are being used to mark an item that belongs to a person. As such they’re now commonly seen on things like bags, linens, silverware and glasses. In the 1980’s there was also a preppy fad during which monograms were being worn on sweaters, purses and wallets as a type of status symbol.

There are some brides who don’t feel as though their wedding preparations are complete without monogrammed cards, notepaper and envelopes. Typically, these are in the form of a gold foil seal. In the past, many of these same brides also ordered linens and silverware with these very same monograms on them.

A lot of businessmen have their briefcases and luggage monogrammed today and some even have their shirts’ cuff sleeves monogrammed as well. Other business items that are typically monogrammed include pens, pencils and jewelry (i.e. class or signet pins and rings). Those who were really well off may even go so far as to have their vehicle’s dashboard or seat covers monogrammed.

In the 1970s it was popular to wear ID bracelets that typically had monograms on them. Besides having the person’s name on them, they may have also had the person’s astrological sign or a quote on them as well. At this time it was also popular to wear monogrammed sunglasses.

Clearly, there’s a long history behind monograms. Not only do they serve to confirm your identity but they also individualize a person’s belongings so that they will stand out from others that may be similar to them. Monograms also serve as a personal statement, which is why they’re so appealing to those who want to add a personal touch to their belongings.

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