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What is a Monogram?
A monogram is a motif made by overlapping or combining two or more letters or other graphemes to form one symbol. Monograms are often made by combining the initials of an individual or a company, used as recognizable symbols or logos.
What is a Cypher?
A cyper is a series of uncombined initials.

The first monograms appeared on coins in the early 300 BC range. They were from Greek cities. Usually they would have the first two letters of a city’s name. Throughout history monograms have been used as signatures by craftspersons, painters, sculptors, furniture makers, jewelry makers and more to distinguish their work from another’s, but, taking up as little space as possible. Monograms also were used by those of royal lineages, as well as for public buildings, police badges and more. Most people think of stationery when they think of monograms because very fancy monograms would often adorn them, as well as on luggage and clothing.

The monogram is a type of personal branding. By definition it is the combination of two or three letters that are intertwined or overlapped in an attractively visual manner that identifies a company, an individual, a government or region. However, a monogram has much more significance than that. Monograms have existed for more than 3,000 years and offer a connection between a company and its onsumers; between a nation and its people; between two lovers; a gift from one generation to another in a family or even offers way of customizing a person’s individuality.

This custom dates back to the time of Jesus and even before. The most ancient monograms date back to about th sixth century BC, when Roman coins were marked with the ruler’s initials; it was these markings that authenticated the coin. Later the markings we know best are the intertwined IHS, which stands for “Iesus Hominum Salvator” or “Jesus, Savior of Mankind.”

Much later, the king most remembered for his monograms was Charlemagne, who ruled in the sixth century A.D. Charlemagne, would mark his military conquests with his monogram, a brand that was understood throughout the land for power and dominance. From the fifth century through the 15th century, the monogram was known as a symbol of power and were used to symbolize authority, Mark property and sign documents.

During the Middle Ages, the monogram became a symbol of a time or an era. A monogram was used to mak important sculpture, literary woks and architecture Monograms helped identify and date printed books, and even merchants use monograms to mark their influence in the market.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, people began to use monograms in an aesthetic way to mark their personal items and household belongings. During this period, monogramming became associated with wealth as well as power.

In later centuries monograms came in and out of fashion, their popularity of reflection on the economic climate and global political situation of the time. For instance, before World War II, monograms were popular with homemakers, for personal style and personal belongings. it was common to see monograms on clothing and accessories, especially during the early 1900s. After World War II, monograming became fashionable again and was known as an important trend of the 50s and 60s.

Today, monograms are a way of customizing products, of making them special, intimate and personal. It is a craft that is affordable for everyone. It is a way of adding a personal touch to a much loved item, piece of jewelry or gift.
3 Letter Monograms
For Individuals most people seem to prefer the 3 letter monogram. Here, the last name is set in the center, and, the first name is the the right and the middle name is to the left.  Married and unmarried couples often prefer a two letter monogram with both their first or last name initials intertwining. On Wedding invitations it’s also common for both the bride and groom to have their initials to the right and left with the future surname in the center.
Business Logos
There are many businesses whom also adopt a monogram for their logo. Louis Vouiton is one of them.  Some sports also use their name as their mark.



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